Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Happenings

I am excited. Not just because I'm excitable, but mostly because there are happenings that merit... excitement. Bird Fly Yellow will be performing twice this coming weekend, and will also be recording at the end of the month. And April 15 will see the return of Gleason's Twins, my duo with vocalist Kristin Slipp.

Big thanks to Matt Plummer, Bonnie Lander, Owen Stewart-Robertson, Brad Henkel, and Derek Beckvold for all their work in putting these events together. (If I missed anyone, please accost me, preferably on the street.)

April 9, 8:00: Sunshine Soldier / Pink Brown / Masri, Cohen Duo / Bird Fly Yellow

International Waters
532 S. 48th St.
Philadelphia, PA

April 10, 8:30: Bird Fly Yellow / OS-R, Niggenkemper, Gray / Sunshine Soldier

Douglass Street Music Collective
295 Douglass St.
Brooklyn, NY

April 15, 8:30: [Music + Words]: Gleason's Twins / Ben Syversen Trio / Box Lunch

Douglass St. Music Collective
295 Douglass St.
Brooklyn, NY

April 30: Bird Fly Yellow recording at Trout Studio in Brooklyn.

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