Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Calendar Updates

A couple updates since my last post, with a newly abridged list of events below.  Please note that the December 2 show w/Inzinzac in Philly has been cancelled (or postponed, more like it) - so keep an eye out for another show perhaps in early 2013.  I've added a performance with bassist Sean Ali at a new music series in Brooklyn, and we'll be playing under the moniker Trismegistus at Lark Cafe on Church Ave. on December 6.  And it will now be HAG performing at Douglass Street on December 1, with Pretty Monsters and Twins of El Dorado - and word on the street is tubist Dan Peck will make the trio a quartet.

Finally, on 11/30, Twins of El Dorado will appear on WGXC Community Radio in Hudson prior to our show, between 4:00 and 6:00.  Tune in!  

11/29 @ 7:30pm, Hartford, CT: Twins of El Dorado at the Hartford Phase Shift.

11/30 @ 8:00pm, Hudson, NY: Twins of El Dorado at The Spotty Dog, w/Silent Isle.  Performance/interview on WGXC Community Radio between 4:00pm and 6:00pm. 

12/1 @ 9:00pm, NYC: Twins of El Dorado at Douglass Street Music Collective w/HAG and Pretty Monsters.

12/6 @8:30pm, NYC: Trismegistus (w/Sean Ali, bass, and special guest(s)) at Lark Cafe, w/Greg Chudzick, bass. 

12/7 @ 7:00pm, Cambridge, MA: Twins of El Dorado at the Lily Pad w/the Allan Chase Quartet.

12/9 @ time TBA, NYC: Twins of El Dorado at Ze Couch (location TBA) w/YOLT and Rita Grollman.


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